My favorite builder had the "duty phone" this past week. This is the "911" number for over a thousand closed homes across 5 counties. Only 2 calls and both were alarm calls. One guy couldn't get to the smoke alarm in the tray outside the bedroom. It was 27 feet from the 1st floor. and 5' out from the 2d floor balcony in one of those "flying Wallindas" great rooms. Some fire wizard decided the smoke detector outside the bedroom floor belonged in that tray (highest point in the room). They forgot about maintaining it.
He wanted it taken down and thrown away.
The second call was more straight forward. Someone told that lady if you put in a call off hours the guy would disconnect your pool alarm. She is tired of it going off every time she goes out to the pool and there is no way to turn it off.
This is two cases where making the alarm a little safer has actually made it unusable. I doubt the builder or the EC is going to disconnect either of these but someone will.
The government is out of control

Greg Fretwell