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Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 141
Look at the title of this post, isn't it insane? Who would pit the two against each other?

I have the $499 DeWalt set, bought it at Home Depot a couple of years ago, wasted both batteries, bought a used one, it's on the way downhill now. Dropped the hammer drill off of a few 12' ladders onto concrete, and it's well used.


I wouldn't show up on the job site with Ryobi products, I'm happy with DeWalt, but now I'm in a situation where I'm considering Ryobi.

If I buy a new DW hammer drill, it's $289 at Home Depot, with one battery.

If I buy one DW battery (I need two), it's $80 at Home Depot. Two would be $160.

NOW....if I buy the 18 volt Ryobi set that includes the hammer drill, reciprocating saw, handheld vacuum cleaner, chain saw, jig saw, laser measuring tool, 41 piece bit set, flashlight, circular saw and rolling case, it's $249. That whole set is $40 cheaper than one DeWalt hammer drill.

I heard the batteries are pretty cheap too. The detents on the Ryobi hammer drill are nicer than the detents on the DeWalt, which feels mushy. The Ryobi reciprocating saw seems small and light, maybe it won't cut like a DW.

People on the job who use Ryobi think it's smarter to buy Ryobi and save a bunch of money. They seem happy with their tools.

I'm generally uncompromising when it comes to tools, but here I am thinking about buying a big set of Ryobi stuff. Should I keep buying batteries for my DW set at $80 a pop and beat the hammer drill into the ground and eventually replace it soon for $290, or go with the huge Ryobi set for $245? Any opinions?

I feel like I'll be waist deep in various brands of useless cordless tools in 10 years. I'd hate to spend $245 on a bunch of junk, but the guys on the job say that if they drop a Ryobi off a ladder, who cares? Buy another one. I can't say the same for my DW - it costs too much.

Joined: Feb 2004
Posts: 74
CRM Offline
Can I recommend Makita, I bought a 24volt combination drill/hammer drill with 1/2 drive a couple of months ago, and it without a doubt the best cordless drill I have ever used, it has power to spare,the batteries last a long time. Check out makita's website for photos.

Joined: Jun 2004
Posts: 92
Does the Ryobi set include a charger and two batteries?
I don't know about the laser goodie or the flashlight or the 41 piece bit set but it seems you get about five useful goodies for about $50 each. Maybe a good Christmas present.
Ryobi makes stuff for Sears and bought Milwaukee. Black & Decker owns DeWalt.
A can of yellow spray paint costs $2.49.

Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 141
CRM, I'll have to check that out.

Peter, yes, it does come with a charger and two batteries.

Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 186
I saw this post and had no choice but to reply. I have to tell you i use to be a die hard dewalt fan, how ever now its roybi for me!! i got sick and tired of replacing batteries in my dewalt at some crazy cost. I bought the ryobi set a few years back approx 2 maybe 3 years ago. It came with the saws all, reg drill, flashlight, cir. saw a charger and 2 batteries. Every one laughed at first now they all own them. I just this past month replaced my org. 2 batteries. Thats pretty good in my eyes. The other thing you must consider is now roybi has the new line where they sell each peice by its self with out a battery or charger. Thats is great when it does come time to replacea peice. I also just bought the hammerdrill (3speed) its is much better then there org. 2 speed and flash light kit. so for half the cost of one dewalt kit i now own;
1 reg drill
1 3 speed hammer drill
2 chargers
4 batteries 6 if you include my old ones
1 saws all
1 cir. saw
if you can get all that from dewalt for the cost i paid tell me where but until then im all over roybi!!!!!!!! And i just got the vacuam on sale for $20. at the orange store. well sorry so long winded but i must speak on this topic twice a week at work. best of luck!

Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 914
You can do much better than the prices HD charges for Dewalt. Just yesterday I purchased 2 18volt Dewalt 9096 batteries for $40ea at the dewalt service center in Atlanta (We needed a new chuck). I buy the 18 Dewalt set DW4k-2 on ebay usually for about $365 including shipping on ebay, this is $499+tax at HD. I've considered trying Bosch or Milwaukee, but we have so much 18volt Dewalt stuff, that it would be hard to start mixing it in since all our stuff works on the same battery now.

Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 4,294
I've only drilled a couple of holes with a Ryobi drill, so I'm no Ryobi Pro, but it felt really good...anyway,
One of the guys had problems with his Ryobi after about 6 mos, and it was replaced immediately, free of charge!!. [Linked Image]

I wouldn't show up on the job site with Ryobi products

SMF, You afraid of getting teased because you have Ryobi tools?? Just proudly work circles around the other guys with them.
(I tease the guys with DeWalt tools because that's what I bought for my wife to use around the house) [Linked Image]

Buy Milwaukee and only buy once.

Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 518
This issue would be more relevant were the batteries interchangeable.
I tries B&D "Firestorm" alongside DeWalt, and found major differences between tool performance as well as battery performance. And, who wants to carry multiple chargers?

It is not uncommon for me to use up half a dozen batteries in cutting a hole for 1" in cement block- the only way I could have enough batteries is if different tools came with them.
Also, some companies have more extensive lines of products that use their batteries. So, maybe DeWalt doesn't have the 'best' cordless reciprocating saw, but it uses my drill battery, charges in my radio, and there's a vacuum available.

Now, there is a role for "cheap" tools. Some, especially if used only occasionally, are worthwhile. I have several. (None are cordless, though).

You can carry brand loyalty too far: why have a Klein bottle opener if your beer comes in cans?

Joined: Sep 2002
Posts: 943
Likes: 2
The one that never ceases to amaze me is the cost of replacement batteries for cordless tools, one is better off to buy a new tool than get batteries,it a total waste one more benefit of our throwaway society....

P.S. The best use of a B&D/Dewalt"tool" is for a tire chock. [Linked Image]

Has anyone tried haveing batteries rebuilt?

Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 141
Okay, okay...I've taken my first step toward the perigee of life, the great crevasse of doom where lives are at risk and reputations are at stake. I broke down and bought a Harbor Freight brand Portaband.

I've been lusting after the real Portaband, but its two hundred some odd price tag put it on the back burner. Today I saw somebody using that Harbor Freight one and I asked him what it was. He seemed happy with it. "$65 on sale right now!" he said. After work I jetted to Harbor Freight, combed the aisles and finally broke down and bought the Chinese version of the Portaband. It was 1/2 off of its normal price, which was 1/2 off the real Portaband price! I could buy 4 of these things for the price of one Portaband. Or...I could buy that big Ryobi set with the chain saw and everything, plus this Portaband wannabe, and still be money ahead of a DW hammer drill and a battery!

Am I bad? I do like cutting pipe with a Portaband, rather than my DW recipro saw. The company has a real Portaband on the job to compare the Harbor Freight version to tomorrow. Porter Cable VS. Harbor Freight! THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY!!! HAR HAR sides are hurting...

I might not have the Portaband, but my Central Machinery P.O.S. might be like a free tool if I buy the Ryobi set instead of the DeWalt stuff. $65 for a wannabe Portaband, how could I go wrong? It looks halfway decent. If the band stays aligned, etc. it might make a few cuts. Hey, I look at it this way: eventually I'll get a real Portaband, but for now I'll be able to buy a lot more tools and still have a wannabe Portaband. I don't make a million cuts, so it will probably last a while.

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