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Joined: Mar 2004
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BigB Offline OP
In the past, while upgrading overhead services, we have always built the new service and split bolted the drop to the new service and called for inspection. We would pull the meter and stick it in the new can also. Then the inspector would come the next day or two and clear it and the POCO would come 3 to 5 days later and bring in the new drop.
Now we have received a letter from the POCO as follows:
Effective August 1, 2004 Tucson Electric Power Company will no longer allow a licensed electrical contractor to have an electrical service re-energized or cause an electrical service to become energized when work has been done to the service entrance equipment without an electrical clearance from the local governmental inspection agency having jouristiction.
It is also the policy of TEP that no customer or a customer's agent is authorized to cut any seals or access any equipment that is under control of TEP. Access to this equipment at a time and day convienent to both the Company and the requesting party must be scheduled by calling -------."
If we are to adhere to this policy I can see we will have to leave the old service in place till the new one passes. This generally makes for more work and in some cases there is just no other suitable location for the new service but where the old one is. It will also mean more trips out to the job, one to build the new service, and at least one more to transfer the loads to the new service, which will have to be done at the same time the POCO is there to avoid extended down time for the customer.
Does anyone else have to deal with this type of policy? I am looking for some ideas that will simplify the process.

Joined: Oct 2000
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I'm not sure if this would be feasible, but where I am We can get a 'Temp' from the Inspection agency just by filing the paperwork.

We pass this 'Temp' on to the POCO and this tells them the work is being done by a Licensed EC and that an Inspection will follow. Under these conditions the POCO even supplies us with Connectors and temporary seals.


Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 156
In the city of Phoenix(APS & SRP) it is already like the way it is going to be for TEP. It is just a matter of scheduling. We have to schedule a pre inspection with the utility to make sure the exisitng xmer can handle the new service. Then schedule a disconnect with the utlity. Schedule an inspection with: 1st the city or county inspectors and 2nd another inspection with the utility. Finally after it all passes call for a reconnect from the utility. It usually goes smoothly and except for the pre inspection it can still be done in a day.

You can thank the lawyers for all the misery and headaches. Both the utilities and city are getting paranoid about assumed liabities if they pass a service. Easier to get something they want fixed if a customer is without power than if they have juice.

Joined: Mar 2004
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Around here the POCO has started a proceedure that gets the liability off of them, & places it with the Homeowner & Electrical Contractor. It's called a " 5 Day Letter "
After the POCO spots the location of the meterbase, unless it's a change out,they will come out and disc the service( Usually first thing in AM ) After the work has been completed, the Contractor calls the 800 Number, requests a re-hook, the Field Tech has this 5 day letter that states the inspection will have to be received in 5 working days or the service will be terminated. The Electrical Contractor, & Homeowner sign this document releasing the POCO from any liability, & atest that all Code requirements are met.
Look on the back of Your local phone book, & thank the Ambulance Chasing Lawyers for this.....

Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 717
The power company serving Honolulu stopped allowing electrical contractors cut service drop conductors and re-tap using split bolts or crimp connectors during service change outs about 10 years ago. Since then I have seen more than a few instances where the existing energized socket is pried off the wall while still energized, and suspended from the roof overhang by ropes, romex, once I witnessed a carpenters tool bag suspenders doing this duty, in order to allow a new service can to be placed in the same location as the existing can was. These "suspenders" hang like this for up to a week while waiting for the city inspector to check and clear the new socket install, and then the poco comes and re connects the new socket. This is supposed to be SAFER than allowing non company personel to touch the energized lines (cutting the existing service drop conductors, changing existing service and reconnecting the service drops. like we used to be able to do.)

Joined: Feb 2003
Posts: 368
Here in Winnipeg Manitoba we "can" cut the drop.

If we want same day reconnect we have to call the city electrical inspector before 9:30am and make an appointment to have them come out later in the day.

We need to have the service up (grounded properly etc) and at least one branch circuit moved over so he can check the workmanship.

Once the inspector passes the installation, HE calls Manitoba Hydro and they come out the same day to reconnect. They have to be called before 3:30pm to do this or you won't be reconnected until first thing the next business day.

Joined: Feb 2004
Posts: 75
Out here in California it has been like that for years. They even take it one step further. We can't even call the POCO to get the reconnect. The inspector has to call them so that they know the work has been inspected. It can be a real pain sometimes. I have waited until 10:00 at night waiting for the guy to come out and do the reconnect. Sometimes they won't even show up until the next day.

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