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#40390 07/18/04 10:29 AM
Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 751
We had a power outage recently. I was working on my laptop in the office. If it weren't for the moans from all the secretarial help, I wouldn't have noticed the power outage. (sunny day)

Question: If the computer folks can pack all that computing power into a laptop, and feed it via a battery, why can't there be a simple option (or make it standard) for our desktops to have a cheap lap-top type battery with charger installed inside?
It would certainly solve a lot of troubles.

#40391 07/18/04 11:11 AM
Joined: Mar 2004
Posts: 32
There is a world of difference between the way laptops are designed and desktops. That isn't to say that laptop "guts" couldn't be put into a desktop box or that laptop technology couldn't be used on desktops -- convince the big corps to do that and you got it licked!

#40392 07/18/04 11:12 AM
Joined: May 2004
Posts: 33
because our desktops use relativly cheap, but very power hungry components, whereas laptops use fairly expensive components designed to draw very little power, plus with computer processors getting faster, they draw more power, and are larger, and give off more heat than what can safely fit into a laptop case right now

#40393 07/18/04 02:07 PM
Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 680
Isn't that called a UPS.

#40394 07/18/04 06:13 PM
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 914
Walrus beat me to it.

A UPS will do the trick. You can get one that will give about 5 minutes of time for about $40. Or spend $200 and get up to 2 hours. Most also double as a surge protector.

#40395 07/19/04 09:04 AM
Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 751
I also posed this question to the computer folks. They gave the same answer as CalSparky, then tried to sell me a UPS. I still think it would be a huge seller to have have your UPS installed internally in the desktop.
Years ago we would install huge UPS systems on the main frame, and they would still have problems at the clerical terminals where the data was inputted. Now that the computers are de-centralized (except for back-up), individual UPS, makes sense. Internal UPS makes more sense. An easily removable (for replacement) battery makes the most sense.
Gimme my pencil, I'm gonna start a computer company! (Anybody got $40,000,000?)

#40396 07/19/04 12:27 PM
Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 625
(Anybody got $40,000,000?)
Yah, there are a few guys out here on Sand Hill Road who fund that sort of thing.

#40397 07/19/04 05:04 PM
Joined: Oct 2003
Posts: 156
As ironic as it sounds, batteries are not integrated into desktop units because of space and heat issues. Laptops are hybrid animals using special low powered custom components made for them by the manufactures like Dell and Sony.

For a desktop, there is nothing custom about them. The companies like Dell buy off the shelf components from Intel, NVIDIA, Western Digital, ASUS, Turtle Beach, etc and assemble the componenets. They are standardized, power hungry, and temp sensitive. There is simple no room in an ATX case to add a second power supply (To Charge Battery) and a battery. If you tried, it would obstruct air flow and cause the CPU and video card to overheat.

That is not to say it is not possible. You would have to get many different manufactures to change standards. You would have to start with the case manufacture to build a larger case to contain the battery and extra charger. Followed by mother board manufacures to change thier layout from case changes and power monitor capabilities. And the list goes on.

Anyway that is my oppinion from experience of building a few PC's over the years. FWIW you can save a bundle of cash building you own desktop and get a much more powerful machine configured exactly the way you want it.

#40398 07/19/04 05:39 PM
Joined: Jan 2002
Posts: 15
There are some hardware vendors out there that do have a computer power supply with internal UPS. The problem is the prices start at $500 for only a few minutes. And the other disadvantage is you can't run any of your accessories such as the monitor.

For the same price you can purchase a really nice external UPS and plug in all of your components.

#40399 07/19/04 08:46 PM
Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 751
We got flat screen monitors with the laptops. We got less power-mad components. We got two hour batteries. We got compact disc players/writers and floppy drives. They all fit into a small laptop. Why can't somebody put these into a desktop unit, or better yet, assemble the computer parts behind and under a flat screen monitor, with the battery for the heavy base. Plug in generic keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer and speakers. Laptops can have as much speed and memory as the desktops do now. I just think there would be a market for a desk computer that is immune to power failure. They could put two batteries in the base, one for the large flat screen monitor, one for the computer.
Cost would be higher than the off-the-shelf desk tops, but shouldn't be as much as the laptops are now.


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