Does anyone have time-saving practices they would like to share? I have a "for instance" to get the thread started.
When I did residential, I would go through the house with the print to lay out where the recepts and switches went. I took a can of fluorescent orange and a can of fluorescent pink spray paint. A stud that got a recept got a shot of orange, as well as the floor right in front of it. A stud that got a switch got a shot of pink, as well as the floor in front of it. If it was a multiple switch location I shot that many stripes on the stud as well(3-gang, 3 stripes). My helpers knew that an orange stud got a box 16" to center from the floor and a pink stud got a box 44" to center from the floor and the number of stripes told them how many gang it was supposed to be. After drywall was up you just had to make sure there was a box above orange and pink paint on the floor. If there wasn't, you knew how high to start cutting by the color of paint