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Joined: Jul 2002
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Trumpy Offline OP
For the second time in as many weeks,
there have been complaints fired at Amateur Radio operators over here in NZ.
In the first case, the neighbours of a Ham in Ashburton here, took exception to the 5 aerials owned by the Ham, even though the Ham was living in the area, before the neighbours built next door (on both sides of him).
And they came up with the idea that the Amateur's tower and other aerials MUST be to blame for thier TV Interference and various other Electrical problems and were looking to the local Council to have the offending aerials dismantled.
In the second case, a Radio Ham called the Police after having tresspassers on his property and one of these people, were caught attempting to cut the Guy-wires on his 23m tower.
The people had complained to the Authorities, but had not got the results that they were after, so took things into thier own hands.
The first case ended up in the District Court here and the Judge dismissed the case, saying that the Ham in question had tried to demonstrate that the Interference was not caused by his equipment, however the group of neighbours refuted this.
They also refuted the idea that the passing 220kV lines had anything to do with it either!.
Sure, towers aren't the best looking things around, but hey, in an Emergency and there are no other Communications available, whose going to complain?.
Let's not get down on our Radio Hams, they provide a community service after all.
The point of this thread is, has there been any such similar things, fired at Hams where you are?. [Linked Image]

Joined: Mar 2001
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Is there an FCC type government agency in NZ? If so, I wonder if they have anything to say about someone tampering with an antenna?

Joined: Aug 2003
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"the neighbours of a Ham in Ashburton here, took exception to the 5 aerials owned by the Ham, even though the Ham was living in the area, before the neighbours built next door"

This is nothing new by me. NY City people moving up here try this cr#p all the time. They say their little country getaway is being tarnished. Meanwhile they buy into established areas. Regardless of the fact that they are only there less than part time.
$$$$ runs things! Even if you're in the right you can lose.

I feel for your friend.
"Good fences make good neighbors"

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Speedy Petey

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein
Joined: Nov 2002
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People are weird. I live in a rural area and there are 5 or 6 other homes in the area, all on 3+ acres. They move here from the city and are so frightened of the dark that they install 400W HPS “security lights” available from the POCO. I have had the county zoning board cite 3 of them and force shielding as the zoning code says “…direct or reflected glare shall not extend beyond the property where the source is installed”. One of those cited had his light removed as he said “I don’t want to just light my property. I want to see what’s going on in the area”. I keep my 3-1/2 acres totally free of intrusive light and sit on my rear porch and watch deer, coyotes, fox, raccoon, etc.

Joined: Aug 2002
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Here is the word from the USA:

Basically, Amateur Operators have certain rights under Federal law.

Joined: May 2003
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I always slow down and look at antenna arrays lots of this stuff is home brew and can almost look like artwork to me

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Joined: Sep 2001
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Unfortunately, this kind of harassment is almost as old as amateur radio itself. [Linked Image]

Hams have been blamed for radio/TV interference, all manner of electrical/electronic failures, and more recently, cancer, birth defects, and other problems allegedly "caused" by their signals. I have a friend who is a shortwave LISTENER who gets constant interference complaints from his neighbors because of his large RECEIVING antenna array! Many communities have tried to enact legislation regulating antenna height and placement, but the FCC invalidates some of them under "PRB-1", which grants rights to amateur stations which are FEDERALLY licensed, as opposed to local or state antenna ordinances.

Unfortunately, the PRB-1 protections are NOT extended to hams living in "planned communities", those with deed restrictions against antennas, annoying homeowner's associations or hams who live in rental housing.

Does NZ have an equivalent to the "Part 15" rules here in the states? These state (in part) that as long as the amateur station is operating within acceptable limits, any interference caused to consumer electronics is the responsibility of the person being interfered with. While falling back on this might not be the best way to deal with the neighbors, it IS the law, when all other "good faith" attempts to resolve the problem fail.

Joined: May 2001
Posts: 717
Yes Trumpy, there IS a grinch. [Linked Image]

As referenced above, we have PRB-1 which is supposed to bring some relief. Personally, I live in a 73 year old home in just as old a neighborhood, so NO restrictions.

My neighbors never said a word as I Installed 3- 65 foot wooden poles on which to place my antenna, but much of the property has been bought up and the trees replaced with $6-800,000 homes, I can probably expect a complaint soon.

During a recent hurricane, the phone central office lost power and we had no comm except "roving" hams. Just this week, during a very high wind event the same thing happened, but if the yuppies can't watch "Trading Places" there'll be havoc to pay I'm sure.

I have had one friend who sustains vandalism on a regular basis.

Joined: Aug 2001
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This is a problem in the U.K. as well.

People just don't seem to understand that in many cases the interference is due to the cheap design of their own domestic receivers. You must have heard it before: "It can't be anything wrong with my TV, because it works fine until you transmit."

I thought about getting a ham license ever since I was about 13, but never did. I'm still a keen SWL though, and when I lived in Cornwall I also used CB to keep in touch with friends and for local events.

I received regular complaints from a couple of neighbors, and one was affected especially badly. Turned out he was using tatty old corroded coax and about three pre-amps in line! The problem was that these people couldn't accept that their equipment was to blame, even when a neighbor to my other side told them that she never experienced any problems.

After that I got the blame every time a passing car with badly suppressed ignition caused so much as a flicker. And yes, one of my RECEIVING antennas was also blamed for radiating interference!

Where I live now, I have a friend just around the corner who has problems with a couple of neighbors. He's tried offering assistance with filters etc. and to oblige where possible by avoiding operating on bands at certain times, but the complaints are still rolling in. He's now reached the point of just referring them to the Radiocommunications Agency.

Joined: Aug 2001
Posts: 7,520
On the city types moving out to the country, we've experienced that problem in England as well.

There have been cases where someone has moved into a house next door to a farm and then complained about a cockerel crowing every morning.

Others have tried to have church bells silenced on a Sunday morning after moving to a house right opposite. [Linked Image]

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