I have 2 old but new GE proprietary motors with no available documentation (5KCP19FG253S.)
It is a split phase, 5 wire, 120V type with no centrifugal switch and requires a 4mfd split phase cap.
It is configured with an accessory winding not a run winding.
Wire color codes are Blk, Wht, Blu, Red, Yel.
115V, 1650/1350 RPM, 35 Mhp, Cap 4Mfd. CW/CCW Thermally protected

Metering results are:

Blk-Wht 0 ohms
Blk/Wht- Red 92
Yel-Blu 17

I'm assuming that the higher resistance is the start winding and the lower, accessory.
There is no continuity to the motor frame and no other continuity between connections exists.

Any connection help would be greatly appreciated!