Hey John (Hotline),
Biggest issue we have over here is the lack of plasterboard.
Now, normally that wouldn't be an issue, but you don't want to be 1st fitting a building without the walls being covered up reasonably smartly, you can make the building as secure as you like, the thieves still get in.
We have a cartel over here that needs to be broken up, especially when they closed one of their plasterboard factories a month or so ago.
But, the architects here are also causing this issue, when they say on their plans they want Gib (which is a brand, not a material), that is what builders HAVE to use otherwise it does not comply when it comes time for inspection.
There are perfectly good and better alternatives to Gib, but Fletcher Building Supplies will not allow any suppliers to stock anything else apart from their products.
It's like shopping in Soviet Russia here at the moment when you go to the hardware stores.