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I fully understand what you're saying, I mean, everyone wants to go home in the same state they came to work, with all their fingers, arms, legs and stuff like that.
But every now and then there will be a crew of guys that will do the job so much cheaper, no safety gear or an observer (especially trimming trees around live 22kV lines), a branch fell over two phases. and the guy tried to pull the branch off as it was burning, with his bare hand, he died on the spot, after the current went through his shoes.
Why is this stuff so difficult to get into people's heads?

It's amazing what some people will do when they panic or just don't stop and think.

Our shop's safety officer will routinely jump in a vehicle and not wear a seat belt because we're travelling a distance that is a few minutes away (unless I'm driving then we don't move until it's on). But get caught without hearing protection or such and he's all over you.
I read an interesting academic study about safety a few years ago: the researchers discovered people simply do not accurately assess personal risk, and that the only reason most people wear proper PPE and follow proper safety precautions is because their boss forces them to.

People get complacent and won't on their own take measures to increase their safety, but they will if their boss keeps giving them crap and threatening disciplinary action if they don't. Safety standdowns and constantly stressing safety were found do do jack squat to worker compliance, but the researchers found management pressure helped change culture at the supervisory level, and supervisors being hardasses had a big impact to safety and reduction of injuries. So, you bosses out there? Keep giving your people crap about hardhats, safety glasses, muffs, and fall protection! And if you're your own boss? Do it anyway. Stay safe out there, friends!