Does anyone have any experience?
My niece has a pump at her marina and they called an electrician to help with a problem in the pump and he is baffled too.
How does the grounding work inside the pump? The motor appears not to be grounded at all.
He sees ~5 v between the cabinet (grounded) and the pump motor that is on rubber isolators and he wonders if that is right.
The original problem was tingle problems in the cabinet and that was from regrounding the neutral in the wiring box. The manufacturers instructions even imply you should do that "if not prohibited by LOCAL code" WOW!

To ensure proper operation of the equipment and provide the necessary safety factors, this unit
must be grounded. A ground wire (preferably green) must be connected between the unit’s AC
junction box ground lug and the main electrical service panel. One (1) earth ground connection is
required per unit. The ground rod is to be a solid, corrosion-resistant conductor and must be
installed at the main electrical panel in accordance with the National Electrical Code. It should be
properly tied into the ground bus strip of the panel. We recommend the neutral and ground bus
strips be bonded together (unless prohibited by local codes).

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