For those of you that don't know that we have an actual chat area (and it's not the one that you see to the left of screen here, that is the Shout-Box), there is another one that is in real-time.

Due to this not being used enough, in the past, for whatever reason, it is being closed down.

We have tried to utilise this resource, for discussions on Business practice, Safety practice and a few other things, but members here just weren't using it, we are the only Electrical-related forum that still has a real-time Chat room, and for those that have not experienced this, you are missing out on a lot.

Who cares if you can't type that fast or make mistakes, we ALL do that at some time or other, myself I do this constantly, so you won't be alone!

If you are going to come in tomorrow you will need to install Java here, for the latest version.

The link has been taken off of the main page here, so use this one below:

[color:#FF0000][b]Join Chat Here[/b][/color]