Hi everyone.
I hope its alright that I post this here. If not, I can try to move it to the right place or if its not allowed, remove it completely.

Since the introduction of the reproduction push button switches by classic accents, it seems to be getting popular to use them instead of the decora rockers or toggle switches. Some people are using original plates and replacing original push buttons with reproductions and tossing the originals out.

I have a bunch of push button switches & plates in my collection but i do have a handfull of brass wall plates missing the switches. With people usually tossing the switches out, I figured it might be worth while to post a wanted ad for lone switches slated to the dumpster.

Here is what I need.
-11 switches made by Diamond H (screw hole & button location unique)
-2 switches madde by Perkins electric.
-1 switch made by H&H
-7 switches of any brand

I've seen people try and sell switches on ebay but from what I hear, people are only buying them for the plates. Due to no UL approval on the old push buttons, people dont seem to want to use them. I'm not looking to spend any money on these as I am assuming they are otherwise destined for the trash. I ofcourse would be willing to pay for shipping.

This wanted request is just being "put out there". I just paid rent so all my money right now is for food & clothes. Hobbies will have to wait.