And in other news Greece's finances are imploding even faster because PV installations have ramped up very much faster than projected.

There's just too much sugar being rebated for PV arrays.


I'm in favor of PV power....

I just don't think that it should be installed on a retail basis. Just like thermal power plants, best performance requires technical expertise and constant manning. And, just like other power systems, some places are better than others: as in the desert southwest -- especially the high plains -- are best.

It would've been better if the whole situation was handled like the TVA or BPA was in the 1930s.

That could've reduced the delivered cost of PV power by another 80%.

Cheap land
Best collection weather
Efficiencies of scale
Best practices
Bulk purchasing
Hands on operation leading to prompt design feedback

If PV power was installable at $500/ kW-peak -- we'd be in a different world.