Does anyone have any side by side energy efficiency comparisons of CRT vs LCD TV's of relatively similar screen size? Everything I can find on the subject seems to indicate that LCD TV's are 50 to 70% more efficient. I guess this seems plausible, but I've noticed that every LCD TV I've ever come across sends massive amounts of waste heat out the top back vent. It almost feels hot enough to fry an egg on after they have been on for an extended period. It seems that most of this waist heat is being generated by the power supply and inverter boards for the back lights.

The 40" LCD in my own living room feel like I could roast a goose over it after it's been on for an hour or so, yet the 10-year old 30" CRT TV in the upstairs bedroom doesn't seem to get anywhere near as hot even after being on for several hours.
The other thing that confounds me is that the 40" LCD is rated 275 Watts@120V and the old 30" CRT is rated only 100 Watts@120V. I get that the LCD is 10" larger, but this supposedly high efficiency LCD TV consumes 175 Watts more than the old CRT energy guzzler. Where's the energy savings? Is this typical for all the LCD TV's out there?