May ye fireworks be over your head in the sky tonight and not in front of you in a breaker panel tomorrow

may ye burn up only a wennie on the grill and not the neighborhood with your fireworks

May ye all have the same number of fingers tomorrow as you had yesterday

May ye our boys and girls in uniform come home in one piece


is may be 90 degrees here buts its 120 in Afghanistan.

You put on a swim suit, our troop put on 50 pounds of combat gear.

You may complain about the heat and find a pool or air conditioning. Our troops go quietly and do their job honorably

We are happy we got the day off, our troops are happy an IED did not have their number today

Go out and celebrate your independence to the fullest. Please take a moment to remember our kids around the world who are doing their job maintaining our independence and the ones who will never come home

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