I was asked to do some electrical work in a multi unit apartment suite. They require the follwing circuits: fridge, counter receptacles, and dishwasher. No suites have thier own panel and therfore not individually metered. Rule 26-400 says I can run my branch circuits then from well......the house panel. But there is an issue, there is more than one panel and more than one meter. 1 meter is for the first and second floor, the next 2 meters are for the basement. As well all of the panels are in a lock room inaccesable to the tenants. Because there is more than one meter for the building (even though the landloard pays all the hydro)does this prevent me from running new branch circuits from the existing panels, or would I be required to install a sub panel in the suite and refeed the entire suite branch curcuits to this sub panel?

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