Hi Folks,
There have been a number of people here over the last week or so, having problems accessing our Chat room.
It is free and open to any of our Members here, however one thing has to be said.
For the Chat room to work properly on your computer, you have to have the latest version of Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer.

What happens is, when you enter the Chat room, the applet that enables the Chat software, checks the version of your local Java installation, should this be out of date (and bear in mind that there are constant updates), the applet will pretty much say "No Way!!" therefore you will either get a blank screen or the clock-like load page running endlessly.

If you are having any sort of issues with getting into the Chat room, 9 times out of 10, it will be a "bad" Java installation.

You can get a fresh cup of Java here.