Hello all.

I have posted some new Motor Drawings in the ECN Electrical Photos site, and included links to the category pages in this message.

These Drawings display NEMA Motor Connections for 1 Phase Capacitor Start Motors, 3 Phase Squirrel-Cage Induction Motors, along with DC Motors & Generators.

If I get time in the future, I will post these Drawings in this area (Technical Reference area).

Links to Motor Drawings:

1 Phase Capacitor Start Motors

3 Phase Induction Motors

DC Motors and Generators

Link to "Main Page":

ScotEE Gallery Main Page

Check these Drawings out and make comments as necessary.

Comments may be done in the "Electrical Theory and Applications" area, via E-mail, or via P.M. (Private Message).


"Straight" links:

(Main Page for Gallery)

(1 Phase Capacitor Start Motors)

(3 Phase Induction Motors)

(DC Motors and Generators)

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