We have an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada client that wants to install a fairly low power - i.e. 10 KW solar panel, solar tracking installation. Although it's reasonably low powered the system would present some technical issues with battery current to the inverters. We know the cables to the inverters will be fairly large KCMil stuff but.....


He wants, but we have not been involved with, a grid tie system before and would like anyone's experiences with carrying out this kind of work at these kind of power levels. Our client wants to do a grid tie system which you all know needs the POCO involved as well. So far we have their preliminary approval to tie in to their grid, providing we have all the necessary Phase/frequency requirements met along with the usual non-back feed requirements when their system quits. We have researched ad-infinitum with suppliers and distributors and of course the internet. Canadian knowledge and advice seems in short supply however.

I'm looking for thoughts/advice from anyone with prior grid tie experience that might be able to tell us the traps and pitfalls you might have experienced that go along with a solar system grid tie installation.