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#183845 01/23/09 10:55 PM
Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 354
pdh Offline OP
How many ECs take a digital camera with them on the job?

In my line of work (computer consulting) I've run across some "disasters in the making", and decided that it might be best for me to document the situations before I touch them, for my own protection. And a lot of my work involves setting up and cabling in computers (and a few 120V power strips). What I do, I will leave it in the right condition (or won't take the job). But if I'm not hired to re-do the whole place, there is the risk that something else I didn't work with could go wrong and be blamed on me.

I might also expect that ECs that do jobs they are proud of would like to make a record of that, too, and maybe even post it on ECN (I like to see quality work in any trade). And it might even be good to record the work you do in case some handyman comes along, later.

Joined: Aug 2001
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I too use it to document conditions as found. Handy when you can't wait to show HO after they get home.

I also use it to submit pics instead of site plans to the poco on the service applications.

I also use it as a digital memory jogger on estimates.

And I try to keep portfolio pictures.

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 853
All the time.(recently) Camera phone at the least. Biggest issue is that I get into some "sensitive" areas and no Phones or photo equipment is allowed. I'm sure you have been there.

I do Fire suppression and Like to document what I find on a new system and How I leave each of my systems. Be it a simple Kitchen hood or a 2 acre Data center,Tank farm or Gas station.
"CYA..Is My way" smile

Joined: Jul 2007
Posts: 1,337
I carry one everywhere I go for serveral reasons. A good example is back in December, A contractor called me in on a job another electrician dropped the ball on big time. The first thing I did was before I touched everything was took lots of pictures. Not only the job was incomplete, what was done was sloppy and a $600 controller was fried. I have a 10 mega pixel camera that allowed me to zoom in on areas. the bad wiring was easy to see even after zooming in which looks good on the report I had to send in.

I also use it to get data about equipment instead of writing it down like on an electric motor. Bam! 2 seconds I got every thing on the data plate on record. Besides odds are I will lose the paper or can not read it later when if do find it. crazy

"Live Awesome!" - Kevin Carosa
Joined: Jul 2002
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I carry a camera with me most of the time.
However, when something "good" is going on. I often don't get the chance to get the camera out.

We are required to take pictures here as inspectors for evidential purposes, but I often end up never getting the pics back.
Having said that, I have seen a LOT of good work here, by home-owners and electricians alike, time management dictates though, that you'd better get onto the next job, if you want to be in bed before midnight.

Other side of the coin, I did find even a cheap camera, extremely handy for new construction, in case the Gib- stoppers covered all your boxes over, you instantly had some sort of a reference to start using a hammer, when you came back a week or more later and couldn't remember where half the boxes should have been.

Joined: Aug 2007
Posts: 853

Originally Posted by Trumpy

... in case the Gib- stoppers covered all your boxes over, you instantly had some sort of a reference to start using a hammer, when you came back a week or more later and couldn't remember where half the boxes should have been.

When this happens, I start in the closet at about 5'and work my way out and around. I would hate to miss a box somewhere.

Joined: Oct 2000
Posts: 2,723
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Broom Pusher and
I have been using one for over Eight Years.

Great for "Before, During & After" views of a Project, along with Logistics and records of everything.

Also makes the task of recording nameplate data so much more simpler, efficient and cleaner!

My "Wish List" is to get a moderately sized SLR Digital Camera, several lenses to mount on it, and multiple FLASH modules to store bits'o data on!

Back in 2001 / 2002, when I was doing a lot of Bank Branch Surveying, the SLR with multiple lenses would have been soooooo nice!

On those Surveys, I was using two different Digital Cameras:

* My personal 2.1 Mpixel camera - with 32 MB Flash module (used the most),

* Company-Owned Digital camera (??? Mpixel), with 3.5" H.D. Floppy Disk storage (very sluggish, not very much storage per disk, too many read/write errors, and other annoying issues).


Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!
Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 8,443
Likes: 3
Scott raises a very good point here.
Those of you that are using the Digital cameras, what sort of memory cards are you using in them, I do know that there are a few sizes and formats about.

Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 4,294
I've got an old 1.3 Megapixel Olympus D100 "beater" camera that, after 6+ years, absolutely refuses to malfunction.
I carry it with me everywhere. It's only got an 8MB card, and holds about 30 pictures. It's tumbled repeatedly from roof access ladders and the like (a good case is a MUST)

It's just fine for documenting existing conditions, etc.

Also, I've got a Samsung 7.2 Megapixel "prima donna" that although it will do everything but cook your dinner, has not taken pictures reliably from day 1. I've got 5GB of SD Ram cards for it (about 3000 pictures worth).

In my case anyway, I guess simpler is better.

Joined: Jul 2004
Posts: 9,954
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I put a 2g SD card in my Canon so I can shoot stills or movies. They are $10 these days

Greg Fretwell

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