From Bryan Holland BHgravity here via email today

I hope to have more details about this by tomorrow.

First report indicates:

the meter socket in question was a 200 amp bypass type. labled with "3 Phase 4 wire"
under the bypass mechanism, not easily visible, the center lugs were from a single phase unit with the center lug tagged to the meter can.

The electrician did not notice it
The inspector did not notice it
The Gulf Power lineman did not notice it
The Gulf power lineman installed a meter and energized the transformer
EVERYone noticed it then!

The contractor was from Mobile, AL
We do not know where the meter socket was purchased
BUT examination of stock at a supply house in Pensacola turned up some units with the same defect.

It may be an isolated case of a few units. It may be a widespread problem.
As the man on "Hill Street Blues" used to say: "HEY! BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!"


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