Subject: Electrical Design and Installations Discussions
New date: 02-09-2008

I have created a series of discussion threads, dealing with all the related areas & tasks involved with Electrical Construction, Contracting and Installations.

Everyone is invited to participate, as I am hoping to get views and comments from as many people possible.

Please view the "Main Description Of Intent" page, located at the Electrical Theory and Installations area, via the following link:

Design and Installations Discussions - Main Page

The relative scenario discussions may be accessed from links within this topic, or from searching the Electrical Theory & Applications area main page.

Feel free to add information or suggestions, ask questions, pose possibilities, or just make a joke.

I believe the overall results will be worth while - as everyone involved should learn something new each time.

Thanks in advance!


Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!