Hello been a while but here goes. I`m installing a Varible frequency drive cabinet feeding 2 50 hp fans.They are currently running from 2 independent breakers and starters in mcc panel my question is can I run from the breaker from fan 1 in mcc to a diconnect(breaker) in the new vfd cabinet. Then run from breaker in mcc from fan 2 to breaker inside vfd cabinet. I have 2 separate breakers in the vfd cabinet or should I run A feeder capable of handling both motors and have a single disconnecting means for the entire panel then come out to my 2 separate breakers for the vfd`s.Option 1 is the most economical but in my mind even with lableing there seems to some safety issues with separate feeds in the same cabinet. Hope I didn`t mess this up to bad with the explaination.Please give some code ref if possible so I can read up if option 1 is a no no. Thanks