This is what’s left of my meager collection of electrical devices. Any time I get a few more pieces then I have now I end up tossing them or giving them away thinking I don’t need to collect junk. All of this “junk” with the exception of the Bull dog and receptacle were in service and not part of the reason I was at each call.

The receptacle is not old at all but does show why a receptacle shouldn’t be mounted at counter height right behind a stove, just about 2” from any large pot put on the stove. The customer I confiscated it from actually asked me if I thought it should be replaced….no it should be removed and blanked off. Just a mid 90’s Eagle 15A receptacle.

The 4square you can barely see in the back is just a trophy from a 1½” deep 6” long scar on my rear from a collapsed kitchen ceiling. Framing members and all came crashing down. All I could think off was “gotta get the truck secured and site closed up” while my partner was trying to force me into his truck to go to the hospital. You’d be surprised how well a cut like that gets you out of a speeding ticket… Older RACO 4sq bracket with the built in cable clamps.

I love the old BullDog breakers but we all know how that came to be in my collection. All of the identifiers are legible and we all know what and where so doesn’t bear repeating.

The Ideal wire connectors with the copper insert I have never seen before but definitely a favorite of mine. Bakelite type plastic with a threaded and lugged copper insert. Has Ideal 22 10-14 UL molded on the top.

The all porcelain connector you can barely see next to them is also a one time find for me. Doesn’t bite onto today’s wire very well and is barely big enough to grab onto a couple of #14’s. the only identifier on this is a “C” molded on the top.

The porcelain switch is actually in great shape and still works; I just wanted it so I replaced it with a new switch while on the job. Has the part# F 4301-1 and made in USA on the back but no other identifiers

Dave aka Local

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