Hello everyone,

I have been away for some time - work and all that, but now I'm Baaaaack!!!
(think "Arnold" when reading the above italicized text!)

Had another Fixed Disk Drive gone Loco situation, which brought down the Machine I used (at the time) for ...ohh I love not using anymore ... Dial-Up Access, so coupled with loads O' work and the H.D.D. gone bad, I was stuck in "Real-Mode Land" and did not venture to "Virtual Land".
(please see the humor there... [Linked Image]...)

Well, things are much better! - like 1000³ better!

Got a brand-spankin' new Dell pizza box - with a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 CPU (computer only - no peripherials), connected it to existing equipment and LAN (after resolving a few driver issues + some minor tweaks), now have big smile on face!!!
Plans for May include purchase of an additional new Gateway System - complete package minus printer.

The best thing of all with this whole situation ... Finally have an ADSL connection!!! ... Yee-Haw [Linked Image]

Piped the ADSL Gateway into the Ethernet Switch, configured each Work Station for Internet access via LAN - and WHOOO-YAHHH it's cool!

I vow to never return to an Analog POTS pipe, for normal use, ever again!!!

OK, that's all for this "PSA" (Public Service Announcement).


Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!