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Nice Drawing!!!

This Drawing Was Sent To Me By ECN Member "JoeTestingEngr"

Relative Schematic Image Below

[Linked Image]

I wanted to post this and say thank you to "Joe", for the contribution.

It was drawn by him, using an older "Generic" CAD Application.
Joe sent the drawing to me in a format, which is compatible with my CAD Application (AutoCAD).
He saved it as a "Drawing Exchange File Format" - or .DXF file, and sent it to me as a .DXF drawing.
I opened the .DXF in AutoCAD (and to my amasement, AutoCAD 2000 actually opened it without complaining!), set the drawing to a

"good enough window size", then exported it as a Windows Bitmap - or simply as a .BMP file.
There are several "export" choices, but .BMP works the easiest with the Graphics Editing Application I use.

Anyhow, just wanted to post this drawing.

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Drawing By JoeTestingEngr

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