12 Lead Stator Generators Schematics

The following Schematics deplict 12 Lead Stator AC Generators for 3Ø Low Voltage applications (120 VAC to 480 VAC).

These have been created by ECN Moderator, "Bjarney".

To discuss these items in detail, please refer to the following Thread - located in the Electrical Theory and Applications Area, under the topic:

12 Lead Stator Gennys Discussion

or simply click the lin above (the underlined and colored text).

Here are the drawings!!!

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Schematic #1: Overview

[Linked Image]
Schematic #2: Detail 1211A

[Linked Image]
Schematic #3: Detail 1211B

[Linked Image]
Schematic #4: Detail 1211C

[Linked Image]
Schematic #5: Detail 1211D

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This page will be updated with descriptive text per each Schematic ASAP.


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