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Basic 3 Phase Delta wound Squirrel Cage Rotor type Induction Motor drawings, demonstrating rotation in counter-clockwise [C.C.W.] and clockwise [C.W.] directions.

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3 Phase Delta wound induction motor [squirrel cage rotor].
2 speed, single winding, constant Horsepower arrangements shown.
Tapped points on the winding[s] makes the motor appear to have more poles [or less poles], thus a 2:1 speed control is obtained.
Connections can be physical hard wire, or via contactors.

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Drawing of typical dual voltage / split coil windings 3 Phase Delta wound Induction Motor [Squirrel Cage Rotor].
For "High" voltage, Windings' connections are arranged in Series Additive.
For "Low" voltage, the windings per set are connected in Parallel to another set. This ends up to resemble a "Double Delta" arrangement.
For the High voltage setting, each winding set is conected in Parallel with the other set, thus creating a Closed Delta arrangement. On the Low voltage setting, the same ends which are connected together in the High voltage setup, remain connected [1, 2 and 3]. These would be labeled as "T1", "T2" and "T3".


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