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Here's a little something I hope will bring a smile to your face[s].

This is a Warning Decal on a Pad Mount Transformer, owned by SDGE [San Diego Gas and Electric].
Notice the angry "Electricity" which is attacking the intruder.

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Here's a close-up shot of the graphic.
This one had me laughing for days when I first saw it!!! [Linked Image]

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Here's one of my widely used "Humor" Warning signs, which get placed all over LOTO'ed equipment

I sure hope everyone finds them a little funny, as that's why I posted them here - to get a few smiles, not to insult anyone.

P.S. Check out the "Multilingual Warnings" on my shock sign. Read them jokingly, otherwise they make no sense [hint: the German version has absolutely no real German words, but it borders on an English taboo word]. The French version is a side effect of the Warner Bros. Cartoon writers [Looney Tunes], as like a Pepe LePew Cartoon would be [no offence to the French meant here!]

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