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Schematic of simple Dynamic, or Electric DC braking for 3 phase AC Induction Motor [Squirrel Cage Rotor]

Discussion thread in theory section, plus links to it, later this weekend.

P.S. If there's enough time, I'll draw a simple controller for a Wound Rotor Motor, plus possibly a couple simple AC meter schematics [KWH, KVAR meters for 1 and 3 phase].
As soon as I can get some pre-made prototype drawings of a certain Diesel Electric Locomotive, I will add the contolling and prime mover stuff to it, then post here. If you're into machinery, this is the drawing for you!
Anyone in the group that can help me find said drawing will be very well compensated!!! [can only give many thanks].
Looking for a 3 view elevation drawing of an F40PHI [EMD], in AutoCAD's native format [.DWG] for release 14 [or prior].
Alternate Locomotive would be the F59PHI [EMD], or P40 dash 8 / P42 [General Electric].
Please let me know by E-Mail.


Scott SET 08/31/2001

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