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Schematic of Constant Wattage Autotransformer type Ballast, used to drive one Mercury Vapor [MV], - ANSI type H## lamp, or one Metal Halide [MH] - ANSI type M## lamp.

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Similar to Fig. 3.1. above, this Ballast is used to drive one High Pressure Sodium [HPS] - ANSI type S## lamp, or one "Pulse Start" Metal Halide [MH] - ANSI type M## lamp.

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This CWA Ballast is used to drive two 400 watt Mercury Vapor [H-33] lamps, or two 400 watt Metal Halide [M-59] lamps in parallel.
Configuration = "Independent Lamp Operation"

Note that these Ballasts use the "Quadri-Volt" type Autotransformer, so input voltage can be either 120, 208, 240 or 277 volts.
The common conductor is common throughout the input [primary] and the lamp screwshell contact, due to the Autotransformer configuration. Use of grounded system conductor for the common is advised - in order to reduce the L-G shock hazard from the lamp's screwshell[s].
If an Ungrounded system conductor is used with the common, the L-G potential will exist on the lamp's screwshell.

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