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Schematic of the Constant Wattage Isolation Transformer type Ballast for operation of one Mercury Vapor [MV] - ANSI type H##, or one Metal Halide [MH] - ANSI type M## lamp.

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Similar to the Schematic in Fig. 4.1. above, except this one is for operation of two MV or MH lamps in series.

Note the secondary winding - the Reactor coil - is electrically isolated from the primary winding [or the "Line Input"].
The Resistor[s] shunting the Capacitor[s] are just to drain the residual charges from the Capacitors after power is removed - hence the name "Draining Resistors". They perform no other useful function in these circuits other than drain the Caps.

Side Note: They would create an RC bandpass filter in this state, but that's not the intended result - just a simple side effect

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