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Schematic of the Constant Watage Isolation Transformer type Ballast for High Pressure Sodium [HPS] - ANSI type S## lamps, and "Pulse Start" Metal Halide [MH] - ANSI type M## lamps.
Note the secondary winding - the Reactor - is electrically isolated from the primary winding, or the Line input.

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Schematic of the Regulated Lag Isolation Transformer type Ballast.
Specifications similar to the above CWI Ballast.
Note that this one has two isolated secondary coils - one is the Reactor coil, the other is the Regulation circuit connected to the Capacitor.
I included a "Draining Resistor" in parallel with the Capacitors. It's function is to simply drain the residual charges that remain across the Capacitor after power has been removed.

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