Doctor Amputates Worker's Arms During Rescue
A doctor had to amputate a worker's arms to free him after he was trapped in a machine at his workplace.

Walter VanDoren Jr. from Bristol, PA, required emergency amputations of both arms after getting caught in a machine at Columbia Lighting Co.

The 58-year-old worker's arms became pinned under heavy rollers that feed steel into a press. Rescuers tried to free VanDoren, but their efforts were in vain. A doctor at the scene then decided to amputate VanDoren's arms to save his life.

Efforts to reattach the arms were unsuccessful, and VanDoren was listed in critical condition in a Philadelphia hospital.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident to determine how VanDoren's arms became pinned in the machine. It will also determine if any workplace violations led to the accident.

OSHA previously cited Columbia Lighting for several serious violations, including machine guarding hazards.
(submitted by Tony Moscioni)