(Workplace Safety & Insurance Board - Canadian)

196 = Number of fatal occupational disease claims allowed, 2004, all sectors.

104 = Number of fatal traumatic injury claims allowed, 2004, all sectors.

(The following stats are for injuries or illness sustained in 2004.)

28,170 = Number of WSIB claims for injuries or illness, construction sector.

8.1 = Percent of construction-sector claims of the total WSIB claims from all industries.

40-44 = Age group with the most lost-time claims, all industries.

44.3 = percent of lost time claims for "sprains and strains" out of total lost-time claims, all industries. Sprains and strains are by far the most common claim injury.

29.4 = percent of lost-time claims for injuries and illness involving the back, all industries. (Lower back alone is 21.1%).

(Source: Statistical supplement to the WSIB's 2004 Annual Report, available on )

(submitted by Tony Moscioni)