No Illegal Connection in Electrocution Case
The Namibian (Windhoek)
September 27, 2002
Posted to the web September 27, 2002
Chrispin Inambao

THE City of Windhoek has said the electrical connection which resulted in the electrocution of Anna-Marie Morkel (34), last Saturday was legal.

But, the Municipality said the extension that electrified the metal shack "was of poor quality and shafted through a window".

Morkel was electrocuted at the Goreangab Dam informal settlement, on the outskirts of Windhoek, when she touched a shack that was electrified by an electric connection initially said to be illegal.

Hafeni Nghinamwaami, a senior manager at the City of Windhoek, said this week that the authority's preliminary findings were that the occupants of the house used an extension cord to supply a second dwelling on the same plot with power.

"The earth leakage device installed to cause short-circuit power in such instances did not work, it was found to be absolutely dysfunctional," he said.

"The power extension lead used was not of good quality and caused the window frame and zinc to go 'live,' as it was exposed causing electrocution to the person that touched it," he said.

Meanwhile the City has said the umber of illegal electricity connections that have been detected so far this year in Windhoek amount to 280 cases.