Electrical Safety Authority/Minister Hudak – Issue a “Stay Clear” Warning to Children

Toronto, ON—Many strange and wonderful things can happen in the movies—but in reality children need to know that touching electricity power lines can cause accidents
and deaths.

Minister of Consumer and Business Services Tim Hudak and the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario would like to encourage parents to ensure that children are aware that they should not touch electricity power lines – not to retrieve a toy, not when climbing a tree, and not if they find one lying on the ground.

Never assume that a power line is safe to touch!” says Hudak. “I want to advise parents and caregivers to make sure children are warned the activities they may see in movies are only make-believe and should never be attempted.”

Movies that link magical powers and supernatural strength to electrical power lines create concerns for many people in the electricity business. These movies may lead children to believe that there is no danger associated with power line contacts, and that electrical shocks may not result in injury or death.

“We have found that children don’t always remember that electricity power lines can be dangerous says President and CEO of the Electrical Safety Authority Bob Stelzer. “Even though education curriculums and safety initiatives include messages about the need to stay clear from power lines children can get caught up in the moment and throw caution to the wind.”

Children need to recognize electricity from power lines can kill, as in a tragic June 25th case, involving a 15-year-old St. Catharines boy who was killed as he came in contact with an 8,000 volt powerline while playing with his friends.

The Electrical Safety Authority stresses that children need to know to “STAY CLEAR” from power lines, transformers, and other electrical apparatus when playing with their

Anyone who needs assistance with an electricity power line should contact their local distributing company. (Contact information can be located on your monthly electricity

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