I have had a problem with Cutler Hammer's "new" solid state overloads failing. The units were manufactured in 1999 & 2000 and have been in service since mid 2000. We have lost the solid state overloads on three size 4 starters and one size 3 starter. The applications range from air handlers to process pumps. Cutler Hammer set up and checked out all of their equipment, including sizing and application. Our engineers and technicians verified that the O/L's that failed were setup properly. Cutler Hammer has replaced all of the failed units but has not yet provided us a failure analysis report. None of the replacement units have failed. One of the technicians noticed a small component change on the O/L circuit board. We have another year left on our warrantee. I keep getting the run around between the salesman and the factory. I'm guessing they are hoping I will forget about it, I won't. I received a call this week from another vendor who is using a Cutler Hammer Solid State O/L for a new 650Ton Chiller install. He remembered that we had problems with our install. It turns out that the solid state O/L failed on the starter for his new chiller.

Has anyone else had a problem with the Cutler Hammer Solid State O/L's "burning up"? Have there been any recalls that anyone knows about?

My feelings (worth about $0.02):
I can see many recalls listed from smaller volume manufacturers, but nothing from companies the size of CH. Is anyone watching the big dogs? I worked as a maintenance engineer for a large electrical wiring device manufacturer for an 8-month period. The quality control in that manufacturing facility had much to be desired.

Thank you