Man Electrocuted In Farm Accident
Power county - a local farmer from parker, Idaho died yesterday afternoon.
Timothy brown was electrocuted when the irrigation pipe he was moving struck a power line. His body was discovered by his father, Sid brown. Timothy Brown was only 22 years old. Idaho power safety experts tell us tonight.in the last 26 years there have been 24 incidences involving pipes and power lines. Of those, 7 resulted in death. Utah power and light offiicals did ask us to remind viewers of some simple safety rules: first: * look up! Always look up for overhead power lines before beginning any activity.* follow the 10-foot rule. Keep everything-you, the tools and materials you are handling and the equipment you are operating-as far away as possible from all power lines and never come closer than 10 feet. * never stand an irrigation pipe on end near a power line. * irrigate with care. Do not spray water on power lines, equipment or structures. Not only can it damage equipment and short circuit the electrical system, a stream of water hitting a power line can create a path for electricity. For safety materials in english and spanish call utah power at 1-800-791-6093.
courtesy of www.Safteng.net