(30 May 2001, Hillsboro, Oregon) Ismael drove his truck into a mailbox. It bounced off and collided with an electric power pole, flipping the Toyota onto its side and knocking down the power lines. Ismael climbed from the truck to survey the situation -- then pulled out a pair of pruning shears.
He reached up and clipped the cable lying across his truck -- and was electrocuted when the shears severed the 7500-volt cable, which poked his rib cage, allowing the current to travel across his heart and out his left foot.

Ismael was found lying motionless on the power line, with a pair of pruning shears in his hands. His dazed passenger survived to be arrested on an unrelated warrant.

my Q is ...do those shears have a disclaimer? ...like the HOT sign on coffee cups???
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