Friday, 20 October 2006. 08:14 (AEDT)

Alice Springs residents in suburbs adjoining the Ron Goodin Power Station will soon have relief from a noisy turbine.

The Power and Water Corporation installed an exhaust silencer on its Titan generator yesterday, after consultation with sound experts and the manufacturer.

Residents in the Sadadeen and Golf Course suburbs have been complaining about noise levels since the generator was installed last year.

The corporation's Jean Luc Revel says sound experts will test noise levels again later this month.

"We've spent substantial time and effort in working out a solution to that exhaust noise with the turbine manufacturer ourselves and the people that have manufactured the new exhaust silencer and we've been given guarantees from the turbine manufacturer, so at this point in time we believe it's going to work," he said.

"We're going to have the people who did the original sound survey to establish the extent of the noise coming out of the machine coming back into Alice Springs [on] Monday the 30th of October to take some measurements because we may find that the sound has diminished to a level that everybody is satisfied with."