I am about to have to re-install a feeder (By someone else) for an elevator with a haunting rattle. In-rush current rattles the conduit so badly the it can be heard all over the building. It has been suggested that Triplexed conductors (Twisted) would help reduce this noise.

Although I am unsure of to what degree it would help, I was trying to explain the benifits of it to our PM today. I was wondering if anyone could confirm anything that should be should be listed, ammended or removed from this list.

Reduction of Eddy Currents (Minor)
Reduction of parrelel coupling through induction
Conductors "pull together" in in-rush situation as opposed to "rattle" (Mocking sine wave)

I learned about triplexing conductors some time ago, and can not find any good referances about it anywhere.

Thanks in advance, Mark

Mark Heller
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