Greetings Everyone! I just joined the ECN forum and wanted to post a message concerning some free items I have available on my web site. I've been doing electrical work in Nebraska since 1984. I received a Class B Journeyman license in 1988, a Class A Journeyman license in 1989, a Class A Master's license in 1990, an Electrical Contractor license in 1998, and engineer intern registration in 1999, and a professional registered electrical engineer license in 2002.

In the course of my career, I've created many items of interest to electricians on computers. The latest group of them is available on my web site at . This is what is available:

1) An Excel spreadsheet based feeder calculator that determines the minimum size conduit for most common wire types in almost any type of conduit.

2) Pre-made feeder tables in PDF that show number of conductors, conduit, and ground (if needed) for single and three phase services, feeders, and motors.

3) 1-phase and 3-phase panel schedules with convenient check boxes for voltage, subfeed lugs, feed thru lugs, top feed, bottom feed, and many other fields in PDF. Perfect for keeping written records of panels during field survey of existing conditions.

4) An Excel spreadsheet based version of the panel schedules mentioned above. More than just an electronic schedule, these spreadsheets perform load calculations and can link panels together so that you can "model" the load of an entire installation. Add circuits to any panel and see the resulting load change on the MDP.

5) CAD sizing chart in PDF. Just a handy little chart of paper and text sizes if you dabble in computer aided drafting.

6) Design & Construction Engineers' electrical symbol legend in PDF. Drawn from industry and local Midwestern standards, these can form a basis for creating your own standard.

7) OPPD (the local utility in Omaha, Nebraska) and ANSI transformer information in PDF showing common sizes, weights, and short circuit information. There is also a page explaining OPPD's transformer marking codes.

I hope you find these tools to be of interest and use to you. My contact information is available on the web site if you have comments or questions concerning the files.

Todd Stahlnecker