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Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 914
Hey Guys,
I'm working on a test to give applicants to judge their experience and knowledge level. I'm not looking for rocket scientists, but I do want to make sure they can hold their own and make good judgement calls so I don't have to watch them all the time.

Please post some questions you think would be good to ask. Keep in mind this is primarily residential work, but we do get some commercial work.


Joined: Oct 2000
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Broom Pusher and
I would imagine that basic NEC references, how to interpret the basic NEC stuff [how to install to NEC minimum], knowledge of materials, ampacities of conductors and maybe some simple circuitry would be a fair example of anyone's experience and installation abilities.

If you wanted to see what knowledge and abilities applicants have that would be "Advanced" - such as Computer stuff, designing, controls, advanced circuitry and theory, other trade knowledge, etc. maybe you could have an optional "Other Exam" and mention this on the entrance exam.

I would like to have a huge cache of exams - from the most basic to the most advanced, just so I can see where a person's knowledge base and abilities fall into.

Tests like these would not be any judgement on a hire or fire status - anyone whom wants to learn can learn and I will give them 100% assistance.

A good hard worker with basic knowledge, respects safety and wants to excel is priceless!!!

I'll think of some exact items over the weekend and through the upcoming week.
Contact me if you want to, or post to this thread.

Scott S.E.T.

Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!
Joined: Oct 2000
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I have heard of 'entrance' exams being administered by larger companies * with a pro-rated pay scale to match

* not that we have anymore than a 6 man crew here, sweeper & secretary included)

Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 2,527
What is the slang term for electroendosmosis?

Joined: Mar 2002
Posts: 95
Question #1 How well can you dig drywall mud out a 3 gang box without cutting the wires all up?
Question #2 Which concealed stud bay is the medicine cabinet wire in? Can be range hood wire if applicable. Are you sure?
Question #3 Have you ever stepped through a finished ceiling?
Question #4 Have you ever fixed a finished ceiling you stepped through?
Question #5 Do we have any 220 wire?, well then go get it.
Question #6 Ground up-Ground down, why?
Question #7 That isn't a 22oz. framing hammer is it?
Question #8 Should you put the clamp and screws on the romex connector inside the service panel so you can get to them after the drywall is up, yes or no?
Question #9 How did that hole get burnt into those Kliens anyway?
Question #10 Whats the most informative site on the net for the sparky? (ECN) your hired son.
Hope it helped, Seriously though I've been asked most of these myself, just a place to start, thanks guys, I love it here.

Lighting the way
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 914
So far I've got about 12 good questions with the most technical being :
11. A range is rated at 9.7kw at 240 volts.
A. How many amps does this range draw?

B. Using the above description, what size circuit breaker would you use?

C. What size wire would you use?

Joe, I might have to include a few of yours too.

Keep 'em coming, I'd like to have about 25 questions total, most of them being very quick answers(at least they should be quick).

Joined: Aug 2002
Posts: 2
Junior Member
Hey Eagle,

When you get the finished product, would you mind posting it??


Joined: Nov 2000
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Here's a classic: (not original)

Fill in the Blank

What color is a green ground screw? __________.

Electrical inspectors are known as _____________.

We all know that in winter months, that if you walk barefooted a lot across the carpet, that electricity is stored in your fingertips. Question: If you do not touch another person or something metallic and release this electricity within a certain time frame based on your height and weight, will your fingertips blow off?_____________.

If you have a 240 v 7.5hp 3 ph motor that is 500' away from the panel, what size umbilical cord is required to start this motor?______________________.

Whenever you unplug something from the wall outlet real fast, the electricity that didn't make it back into the wall outlet is stored for how long in the appliance cord?_____________.

True / False

Electricity will leak out of pipes if they are not connected with rain tight fittings.

To trip a circuit breaker, you must stick your foot out as it walks by.

When dealing with conduit, the O.D. must exceed the I.D. or the hole will be on the outside.

A keyless fixture cannot be unlocked.

A circuit breaker reads "20" on the handle. This means it can only trip 20 times before it is worn out.

If you plug something 110 volts into a 120 volt outlet, 10 volts will leak out and make a mess.

The gauge of wire tells you how many plugs you can hook to it.

When hooking up a 200 volt heater, you must use 220 volt wire.

When pulling two 4/0 wires into a 1/2" PVC conduit, the PVC stands for "Pipe Very Crowded."

A flush mount device may only be hooked up to a toilet.

Service Entrance Conductors purchased from an electrical parts house with current already in them are very dangerous to install.

High voltage wire is used in the upper levels of tall buildings whereas low voltage wire is usually found in basements or underground.

If you have a molded case circuit breaker, the mold can be washed off with warm soapy water.

When landing a conductor runway light's are needed.

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Joined: Apr 2002
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You have to wire a lighting circuit with 4 switches.
What are the materials needed?
How do you wire it?

The answer demonstrates planning and technical ability.

Joined: Jan 2002
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Eagle, here are some I go over again and again. These are all basic but it would give you an idea of how green they are.

What is the maximum number of 12awg conductors allowed in a yellow, red, and blue wire nut?

The minimum clearance between a bored hole and the edge of a stud shall be ______?

The approriate screw for mounting a fixture to a metallic octagon or non-metallic ceiling box is _______?

When treching through an open field, the minimum depth of a 240V buried cable shall be_______?

The grounded conductor and the grounding conductor shall only be connected together a the _________?

A ceiling fan has a motor that draws 120 VA and a light kit that has two 60 watt bulbs. What is the total connected load in amps?

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