Thanks toTogolfor this one:

This cabinet is for an overhead crane.... As you can see, the panel is in really bad shape.. Sure, there are a couple of patched or disconnected wires here and there and the crtl trans fell off the backplate quite awhile ago I am building the replacement along with another electrician.
The resistor bank leads for the rotors are actually laying outside of the cabinet on the left side and the left door has been missing for almost a year, and it is hard to see, even in the glow of the minisun above my head, but in the bottom of this cabinet lay about five sets of size 2 contacts kits for the FVNR starters up top....there is also,a size 3 contactor on the left wall that is used as the MCR

[Linked Image]

This is the trolley and hoist motor on the same crane. the cable reel is for the magnet (when used). The gray residue all over everything is actually sand dust mixed with Iron dust and steel shot from the blasters...Of course the peckerhead is off the motor; the dust would have no way to get into the connections otherwise.... [Linked Image]

The light source is a 1000W MH about two feet above my head, which accounts for the shadow in the control cabinet,and it further enhances ones ability to SEE when you tilt your head about 2 degrees above horizontal.

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