Found while replacing a range hood. . . .

(Sometimes handymen aren't really handy. . . .)

The sheet steel in the background is the ductwork for the range hood.

3/4" steel flex coming down from ceiling; which used to feed a cooktop.

The other end of the flex was fed from a 4 x 4 box, with feed-through cover plate, hidden/buried behind a permanently installed wall cabinet 10 feet away.

That is #10 stranded in the flex, spliced with #14 romex.

No j-box or fittings.

The romex grounds are tied to the neutral wire.

One phase fed the range hood, with a 1-amp draw. The other leg fed a duplex outlet that services the counter top.

All this fed by a double-pole 30-Amp Zinsco breaker.

- Tim T.
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