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well it's not your specific other, but what's left TO your specific other that's the topic.....re: theDeath Tax

Think the Death Tax only hits the super-rich . . . Carnegies, Kennedys and Rockefellers? Think again! Often the victims hardest hit by the Death Tax are middle-class, hard-working Americans . . . small business owners and employees, family farmers and ranchers.
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An Article(click 'Death Tax') here desribes how we are now in 'temporary' reform until 2011, permanent reform being pursued.

previous attemps, simply existing 'for show', were aired....

The point I want to make is, section 2057--which this amendment claims would be expanded to shelter more value in small business and family farms--and all the other special exemptions put together have been used by only 33 taxpayers in the time they have been in effect. In other words, these provisions that supposedly shelter and give small business and family farms special protection are so convoluted, so burdensome, so inefficient that only 33 taxpayers in the years since these provisions have been in effect have found it possible to use this section 2057 to gain the promised relief.

The vote is here , where you can access your states desicion .
(Remember, the gubernatorial primary cometh..)

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