(submitted through Joe Tedesco)
I have these photos from Honduras. The locals wanted me to fix their diesel fuel pump. The base electrician opened the transformer by climbing on a pickup with a switch stick and no gloves. The picture has 12/2 NM feeding the pump from a pole mounted transformer. Just a switch with no over current protection. The motor was not mounted. The local who showed me, touched it and got shocked right in front of me. We grounded the pump and fuel tank. We installed a new motor with so cord and weather tight connectors. We installed a small outdoor panel with weather head and 2 over current devices. We had to drive 2and half hours to get the most decent material we could find. It would never pass the NEC but we made it safer than it was. The only reason it got fixed....our fuel truck was on a ship(ship broke down) so that was the only resource of fuel until the ship arrived.

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