I mentioned this elsewhere:
At Wally World (AKA Wal*Mart) in the lobby there are vending machines, kids' rides, lights, and a coffee machine occasionally, all plugged into an outlet strip with the breaker removed! eek! The stipr plugs into a homebrew 18AWG speaker cord extension cord. No worries, fire dept. is right across the street! Also, at a motorcycle dealer in NJ, a nice, shiney new plasma TV was installed, along with a DVD player and a S-VCR. So, where do you plug these in when there's not an outletv within 15 ft? Two two wire zip-cord ext. cords, a grounding adapter, and a powerstrip. The zip cords, outlet plate, and power stip were all hot!
Ian A.

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Is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?