This is your chance to comment on Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 proposed revisions and interpretation issues (subjects) for the 2006' code cycle.

The Part 1 committee refers to each proposed revisions or interpretations as "subjects". Each subject is assigned a subject number e.g. "Subject No. 2655". When I receive a Subject I will forward each as an "Adobe Acrobat PDF file".

Please reply with comments regarding the attached Part 1 Subject by January 24th 2005'. When replying please indicate agreement or disagreement with the Sub-committee's recommendation

Tony Moscioni
Electrical Inspector
Subject 2655
Request for an Amendment to Rule 76-004(4)
Subject 2656
Request for an Amendment to Rule 76-010(3)
Subject 2670
Transfer of Fire Pump Requirements, Rule 32-200
Subject 2806
Use of Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable in Temporary Wiring, Rule 76-014(1)
Subject 3064
Use of Neutral Grounding Devices, Rule 14-102
Subject 3176
FT Rating of Plenum Cables, Rules 12-010(4) and (5)
Subject 3178
Section 12 Reference to Section 60, Rule 12-000(d)
Subject 3199
Number of Consumer’s Services, Rule 6-104

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